Teaching People How To Drive An Un-Stoppable Flood Of Instant Laser-Targeted Traffic To Any Website and Turn It Into an Inbox Full of Cash and Subscribers Overnight For as Little as $0.01 Per Visitor

The Product...

Many people are familiar with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

However, not very many people know about Pay Per View (PPV) advertising. There is one definitive guide to PPV marketing and it sold out at 250 copies in 2 hours for $949. When I started marketing with PPV I didn't have a guide to show me what to do. I had to spend my own money in learning how to convert page views into leads.

PPV is a completely different form of advertising. Unlike PPC where people click to land on your website, PPV pops upa window right in front of a persons eyes. This is INTRUSIVE marketing to the max. Funny thing about it is... Millions of people in the world have opted in to being shown advertisements in the form of popup windows. Two examples of services that people opt into are and 

A Beginner Affiliate Marketer with BIG Dreams...

Going back to my story... I started out with and I'm still big on affiliate marketing. I don't like to sit around waiting for traffic, so when I promote my offers, I want INSTANT TRAFFIC and lots of it.

When I first started online, I had big dreams of making thousands of dollars in my sleep...and I knew I needed traffic, but unfortunately PPC was the only way I knew to get an INSTANT traffic surge.

The high prices bothered me of course, but there was nothing I could do about it. I simply knew no other way that was as effective for getting fast traffic to any site I wanted, when I wanted.

The Perfect Simple System for Traffic and Cash!

The truth is, this system is very simple. There isn't  awhole lot to it. But don't be fooled by the few basic steps of the system because the results will exceed your expectations! They exceeded mine!

But that's what makes it the perfect model to start with if you want a complete system to make money from scratch or add a simple income stream to your existing ones. It won't take you a long time to learn and implement to attract subscribers and profits!

PPV traffic is kind of different in the way it delivers the traffic than you might be used to. You'll see what I mean when you start the course... so the usual way to go about monetizing traffic like you've seen or tried before won't work with PPV traffic.

Get On and Ride this Wave for Easy Pickings!

With all the risk taken off your shoulders and a clear system waiting for you, it's time you stopped struggling with traffic generation and ride this new PPV Traffic wave before too many other's find out about it and beat you to the line.

As with most things online, the ones who jump on new opportunities are the ones who reap the the most rewards. Don't get left behind and continue to lose money from a lack of traffic.This is your chance to finally start using a simple system that works while there is no competition!

You've seen what there is to offer.

You've seen the proof.

No Product, No List, Newbie Friendly And Mass Traffic.

Get Some Mass PPV Traffic Love Injected Into Those Dead Projects.
Guys if you're looking for huge amounts of traffic to your sites then need to pay close attention. If you're still struggling to get traffic to your site then something needs to be done. The most important thing that you can realize is that whatever you're doing right now is not working. If it is working, then the next question is how do you scale this up and build the business assets that are going to last you for years and years.

You've heard the saying the money is in the list.
With Mass PPV you really can focus on building your list of subscribers for long-term stability in an unstable online marketing community. It doesn't matter what niche you are in or what website you want to promote. It's time to ramp up your marketing strategies and get insane amounts of traffic to where you want.

The Gurus Are Not Sitting around Crying About Their Marketing Campaigns

Every day I get hundreds of e-mails from people wanting to know, what is the easiest way that they can get traffic to their websites?  I hear the complaints every single day, they have tried the traditional marketing methods and have seo’d their websites within an inch of its life. Waiting for google to avalanche a flood of traffic to their weight loss website and CPA promotions.

What happens a month later? Nothing! No new leads, no subscribers, no sales and a bank balance that’s in the red.

After getting so many e-mails from people we decided to create mass PPV. This is the traffic getting system and it will put your products and services in front of the people that you want to market to.  Listen you can waste all your time in the non-productive marketing methods like SEO, link building, adwords  and  your bank balance will be non-the wiser.

Get Super Targeted Traffic WITHOUT The Search Engines!

If you've been doing affiliate sales for any amount of time on the Internet then you know how competitive and how aggressive the affiliate market is.  Click bank alone has 100,000 active affiliate marketers. With the economy in the way it is there is more competition now than ever before.

If you're stuck in a niche where you have no search engine traffic then you know what I’m talking about.

There's an easy way to make those affiliate Sales flood into your click bank account, and it is not the way that most wannabe gurus tell you to go about it. If you've got time on your hands then you can spend months and months promoting your niche sites getting somewhere or in my experience nowhere.

Mass Social Media Control Is So Yesterday

Are you sick and tired of wasting your time on social media sites getting nowhere, begging prospects and even ruining your reputation in the process?

If you are an internet marketing pro and you keep up with all the latest news you will know that two of the biggest gurus in the industry  Frank Kern  and Perry Belcher have recently left social media systems.

While it did work for them for a short while, smart marketers know the opportunity costs involved in wasting your time twittering, Facebooking and whatnot.

While these sites are great for building your brand name in your market. It takes time to build a brand across 300 social media sites. You also need a hefty budget to promote yourself and position yourself in these communities.

Mass PPV will Allow You to Buy Traffic at Wholesale Prices

We have tested out hundreds of PPV campaigns and the results have been amazing with our optins, lead generation and sales. Companies like stumble upon have a similar system where they get their subscribers voting on premium paid advertising also known as PPV. Now you know a why they recommend sites for you to stumble. With Mass PPV In effect you are getting people to stumble only your site and not a bunch of unrelated untargeted sites. While capturing leads and sales. With Mass PPV we are sharing our techniques so you don’t have to waste your time in the internet marketing jungle from day to day, losing all perspective on your cash generating goals. The end result which you want is to make money, in the easiest possible way with the least amount of headache. Get Mass PPV here and jumpstart the traffic to your sites.

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Mass PPV Will Slap Google, Yahoo and Bing Back

The affiliate marketer’s tool box for promotions is ever growing resulting in mass confusion. You will find more and more wannabe Gurus advocate the next best thing since sliced bread when it comes to making a quick buck online. If you've got more SEO tools than money coming in, it’s time to take a look at your marketing strategies and pay close attention.

Years ago adwords was king with most internet marketers trying to master adwords to make a killing in their niche. Some very smart marketers have made millions using PPC and adwords, Perry Marshall being the classic example.

The problem I see daily is that unless you know what you are doing with paid ppc you will see your campaign budget literally disappear overnight.

There is a science to adwords that not many people can master in a short period of time. Especially newbie’s who are setting up campaigns left right and centre.

With the hefty cost per clicks involved in any adwords campaign you need to be looking at the ROI you are getting for your troubles and money invested. The trouble here is keeping up with Google’s changing algorithms, constantly being slapped and sent to implement black hat underground techniques, which don’t work in the long run.

Yahoo MSN and Bing are following the trend. Although it's been said that MSN and Yahoo have great conversion rates. There is a better way of getting fast targeted results.

Screw The Search Enginess

The Second part of the big deception online is that you need to use Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing to make the real cash on the internet.


Although yes search engine marketing (SEM) is a truly powerful system to use in your marketing, the fact of the matter is that the competition on adwords alone is insane, and unless you have a big ad budget and a lot of time on your hands to test your campaigns, be prepared to get wiped out FAST!

The truth is you don't need Google, Yahoo, or Bing...

Affiliate Marketing Lies ?

Most Gurus will tell you that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to earn big money online, and although this can be true to a certain extent, they never tell you the ad costs and complexities in setting up a profitable campaign and then scaling it up to earn the really big numbers.

All of this is actually a lot more difficult than it is made out to be in most of the online courses you have bought.

The SECRET to EARNING BIG CASH with affiliate marketing is to do it with cheap targeted traffic.  I'm not talking from traffic brokering websites that sell your ad on a parked page… I mean an aggressive form of marketing with POPUP WINDOWS! This is what the people in the know have been trying to hide for a very long time.

Kris teaches an intrusive marketing method that only the biggest affiliates are currently using! His technique utilizes popup IN YOUR FACE advertising techniques that can be so targeted leads will beg to be on your mailing list.